Well, short of yelling (and who wants to do that?), engaging with others is a skill to be learned. I have not seen very many leaders who have mastered the skill. If you’re not sure if you have, pay particular attention at your next meeting, in-service or the next conference you attend, are the leaders or speakers engaging you?

Or are you experiencing . . . BOREDOM?

A few years ago I attended a seminar and I was amazed by the leader. He kept me engaged for three, 16-hour days. Yes, you read that right!! I didn’t want to miss a word of what he said and I never once thought about my shopping list (and I was in Vegas!). He was that good.

How was that possible?

Well he mastered the craft of engaging his audience. What he did, you can do too. I’ve been studying it and putting it into practice for years. It works for groups of 2 people to 2000+ people.

Here Are 3 Success Strategies:

1. Tell Stories

Think about it, what do you do when you get together with friends? You tell stories. We are programmed to ‘lean in’ when someone tells a story. I’m never sure why leaders think a lecture style approach is what’s needed. It never is. Start telling stories and watch the engagement with your colleagues, employees, and even your kids, rise.

2. Ask Questions

Yes, I’m serious. When you ask someone a question, it engages them in the conversation. All too often, leaders do a lot of telling and very little asking and as a result, they get no engagement. Ask a question. You’ll be amazed at your success.

3. Use Positive Body Language

This sounds so obvious, yet look around. Who’s talking to you and checking their phone at the same time? How often are you at a meeting or talking to someone and they look everywhere except at you? As a leader, are you staying behind the desk when an employee comes to speak to you? Get out from behind and talk to them, look them in the eye and give them your attention. Positive body language is a must for engaging others.

Three excellent tools to get you engaging for success.

DISCLAIMER: They won’t work if you don’t use them!

To Your Success!