book-scriptsHave you ever avoided someone because you didn’t want to have that difficult conversation? We all have. Whether it’s telling someone that you disagree with their approach, that you are upset with their behaviour or that you want something from them, it can be nerve-racking (and all too easy to keep avoiding) It’s time to stop procrastinating and make the conversation happen.
  • Scripts help you say NO when you feel like you are being forced to say yes.
  • Scripts help you to take the first step and START the conversation.
    Scripts help you to feel more confident and ensure you deliver a clear message.
In Scripts for Success you’ll receive 5 different scripts for helping you to say what you really want to say. It also includes the 5 biggest mistakes and 5 best tips for each script. Get your copy of Scripts for Success TODAY and breeze through that next “tough” conversation with less stress and more success!