5 Simple Body Language Tips For Speaking Up

By Barb

Have you ever wondered why some leaders seem so powerful and others . . . well, weak and timid come to mind (those words don’t paint a pretty picture, do they?). Last week I led a 2-day workshop on creating partnerships. It’s a full-on highly interactive workshop, with lots of learning occurring. One focus of the workshop was to take a ‘stand’ on becoming a…

Stop Causing Defensiveness in Others: Change One Word

By Barb

Sometimes the best learning comes from eavesdropping! Don’t you think? Here’s what I learned while having a chai tea latte at one of my favourite haunts . . . Two men in their 30’s, sat down at the table next to me. One man started speaking about a young lady whom they both seemed to know – oh it’s probably important for you to…

CPR For Confrontations

By Barb

Do you ever avoid confrontations? Maybe the better question is, “How often do you avoid confrontations?” When I was a manager, there was an individual who routinely shouted at colleagues, had outbursts of anger when she didn’t get her way, snapped at clients when they phoned the office and physically intimidated others. As a leader it was my responsibility to do something about her behaviour. Yikes!…

What Is Your Body Broadcasting?

By Barb

As you begin to read this article, I am inviting you to uncross your arms and legs, if they are crossed. No, it’s not because I think you are being defensive. I’ll tell you why I’m inviting you to do this, at the end of the article (resist the temptation to jump there, now). As…

3 Secrets of Silence – Shhh Don’t Tell

By Barb

Do you know the ways silence can be used successfully? Maybe you’ve used silence and it’s bitten you in the butt?Someone says something critical and you don’t speak up. Later they refer to how you agreed with them on their comment? Ever happened to you? That’s when others assume your silence means you agree with them. You know silence does not equal agreement,…


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  • “The workshop was wonderful!! Barb walked the talk by continuously demonstrating the tips and skills she was teaching! It was amazing to see it all come together. I would recommend the workshop to anyone who has to present.”

    Bev Waite, Education Lead-Nursing,

    Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

  • I told one of the nurse educators that it was the best 3 hours I have spent in a training session as the content was clear, relevant, exactly enough to be able to incorporate into presentations, and you demonstrated each point which was great. It was watching an expert at work.

    Aideen Carroll, Advanced Practice Nurse Educator

    Toronto General Hospital

  • Your workshop was also a big hit. It was interesting to hear people talk about it as not good, but great.

    Debbie Ross

    CMP Manager of Governance and Events CNA

  • After working with Barb, our team returned to work energized, enthused and inspired to utilize tools that increase our communication, clarity and relationship with not only each other, but also with the residents and families that we serve. I would highly recommend Barb if you want to bring out the best in your team.

    Dale Clements, Administrator

    Columbus Residence

  • Barb Langlois led a wonderful one day workshop for 45 Clinical Nurse Educators in Saskatoon Health Region. She worked with us in advance to really understand our learning needs, Six months later, I see CNEs using Barb’s techniques to engage learners and I use them myself in my own presentations. I strongly recommend Barb – she is a very skilled facilitator who connects with learners in a very meaningful and effective way.

    Margot Hawke RN, BSN, MCEd, Nursing Professional Practice Lead

    Saskatoon Health Region

  • Barb is a gifted and dynamic presenter. Communication concepts were presented in a lighthearted way such that developing ideas for organizational change and group work seemed like play. I would definitely recommend her workshops!

    Lisa Jesso MN, RN


  • The workshop was a home-run!! The nurses found the tools so useful and practical for their everyday communication. They also were engaged the entire time!

    Louise Peterson, CNE

    UBC Hospital


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Manage the Fear of Public Speaking: 5 Pro Tips

 You have the privilege to speak in front of an audience.That means you have a chance to positively impact others’ thoughts or emotions